Generating Authentic Ideas

A free teleconference
Hosted by the International Screenwriters' Association

August 1, 2015

  • • Get beyond structure
  • • Find your resonant themes
  • • Discover stories only you can tell

There are two halves to the creative process: generating ideas and then finding shapes to hold them. Screenwriting workshops tend to focus on the second half—structure—because it's easier to teach. But ideas themselves are considered unteachable, arcane and magical, gifts from the muse.

Where do ideas come from? How can you cultivate them into the stories you want to tell? And how do you maintain a state of mind so you're always generating more?

This workshop will offer tangible techniques and useful tricks to create writing that resonates with relevant, personal themes—writing that rises up unplanned from your unconscious and leads you toward stories that only you could write.

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Christopher DeWan is author of the book Work and Other Essays and he has published over three dozen stories in journals including A cappella Zoo, Bartleby Snopes, Necessary Fiction, and wigleaf. His fiction has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize. He has worked on film and transmedia projects with Bad Robot, Paramount, Universal, and the Walt Disney Company, and his screenwriting has been recognized by CineStory, the PAGE Awards, Screencraft, Slamdance, and others.

He has led writing workshops at UCLA, The New School, Emerson College, New York's School of Visual Arts, and the California State Summer School for the Arts, and each summer he hosts "30 Stories in 30 Days," aimed at helping writers generate new story ideas very quickly.

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