Christopher DeWan is developing a show with AwesomenessTV, has had TV projects with the Chernin Group and Electric Entertainment, and has collaborated on properties for Bad Robot, Paramount, Universal, and the Walt Disney Company. His screenwriting has been recognized by CineStory, the International Screenwriters' Association, Final Draft, the PAGE Awards, and Sundance. In 2017, he was named as one of the ISA's "Top 25 screenwriters," and in 2018, he was recipient of a screenwriting fellowship from Middlebury College. He is repped by Ensemble Entertainment.

Writing for Television

  • Avalon, Original Series
  • When a queer city girl moves with her parents to an off-season vacation island in Maine, she discovers the island is full of secrets—and uncovering those secrets will show her who she really is.

  • The Calling, Original Series
  • A family of fortune-tellers make their living through Tarot, horse races, and long cons until they're confronted by a future they never saw coming: one of them has real power, and everyone wants a piece of it.

  • Disassembly, Original Series
  • After a Chinese robotics company disrupts life in a faltering American town, two siblings find themselves on opposite sides of the fight for the town's survival.

  • Free Fall, Original Series
  • The first-ever resort hotel in space is a dream destination, but when Earth is quickly overcome by a smallpox pandemic, space might also be the only safe place left—if the people on board can be resourceful enough to survive.

  • Live From Mars, Original Series
  • When an eccentric entrepreneur announces a privately funded one-way trip to Mars, the news excites and divides people around the world—including a disgraced astronaut who's willing to leave his family for a chance to lead the mission, and a wunderkind TV producer who decides she'll do anything to make this the biggest event in television history.

  • Wunderland, Original Series
  • An outcast teen hacker loves the immersive new VR game called Wunderland—but when she discovers the game contains clues about her missing mother, she'll need to take risks in and out of the game to get to the bottom of the mystery.

  • Zarathustra, Original Series
  • Friedrich Nietzsche and his friends uncover secrets, fall in love, and fight the rise of vampires, in a genre-bending adventure that is alternately terrifying and laugh-out-loud funny, set during the rise of European fascism.

Writing for Film

  • Sea of Dreams, Feature
  • In the new space race to the Moon, the U.S. is losing—mired in budget cuts and politics while China has already established a base at the lunar south pole. But when a team of NASA astronauts receive a mayday from the Chinese base, it offers them a chance to rush to the rescue and restore their national pride. What they find won’t just threaten their lives; it will challenge everything they think they know about their mission, and what it means to be an American.

  • Upstate, Feature
  • A washed-out minor league baseball player sees a chance to make good when his hometown is upset by a sudden spate of apparent Bigfoot sightings—but his plan for a hoax-filled "Bigfoot safari" gets suddenly real when he puts his estranged wife and son in danger.