Fiction & Creative Nonfiction

"Reading [Christopher DeWan's stories] feels like looking at a series of bell jars holding specimens: butterflies, moths, dragonflies... The best ones point out worldly phenomena that invite new interpretations or unravel deceptively simple-sounding concepts."


The Best Small Fictions 2017. An anthology edited by Amy Hempel and Tara L. Masih. ©2017.

Hoopty Time Machines: fairy tales for grown ups. A wistful collection of domestic fabulism, from Atticus Books. ©2016.

Work and Other Essays. "Silly, heartbreaking, and unlike any you've seen before," with musings about Kyle MacLachlan, jackhammers, Sacramento, and getting hit by a van. ©2014.

Published Fiction & CNF

"All the Things We'll Never Have" (X-Ray, December 2019)
"An American Dream" (Necessary Fiction, October 2012)
"Amish Missed Connections" (Johnny America, April 2014)
"The Atheist of Dekalb Street" (wigleaf, March 2013)
"Belly of the Whale" (Fractured West, Spring 2014)
"The Bigfoot Hunter" (Urban Fantasist, June 2015)
"The Bogeyman" (The Knicknackery, Summer 2016)
"Blog of the Last Man on Earth" (Crack the Spine, June 2014)
"Canopy" (Pithead Chapel, May 2017)
"The Changeling" (East Coast Literary Review, January 2015)
"A Crack" (Pigeonholes, April 2020)
"Conestoga Wagon" (DOGZPLOT, Spring 2013)
"Demonology" (decomp, January 2021)
"The Dinner Party" (Literary Orphans, May 2014)
"Eskimo Words for Brunch" (Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature, Spring 2015)
"The Fibonacci Forest" (Vine Leaves Literary Journal, January 2015)
"Fortress of Solitude" (Apocrypha and Abstractions, February 2013)
"Fucking Hillary Clinton" (Cargo, 2000)
"Furniture" (Juked, Winter 2014)
"The Garden" (Niteblade, December 2012)
"Godzilla Reading Haiku" (Jersey Devil Press, February 2013)
"Goldilocks and the Three Boys" (Grey Sparrow Journal, Spring 2013)
"Hoopty Time Machine" (The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Fall 2015)
"Hungry" (Threadcount, November 2018)
"The 100th Floor" (Vine Leaves Literary Journal, January 2015)
"Indestructible" (Passages North, Spring 2016)
"The Interview" (The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, June 2013)
"Intrusion" (Cease, Cows, Spring 2016)
"Kafka's Luggage" (JMWW, Summer 2014)
"The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventure" (Jersey Devil Press, February 2015)
"The Little Mermaid" (Blue Monday Review, May 2015)
"Monster" (Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature, Spring 2016)
"Poseidon's Net" (Rose & Thorn Journal, Spring 2013)
"Rapunzel's Tangles" (Necessary Fiction, April 2015)
"Renewal" (Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, December 2013)
"Sacramento" (White Knuckle Press, April 2015)
"Seven One-Sentence Stories" (New Limestone Review, May 2018)
"Shiva the Destroyer" (In Between Altered States, September 2012)
"The Signal" (Bodega, Spring 2017)
"Snakes" (MicroHorror, October 2012)
"Social Media" (Nailed, August 2015)
"Stella of the Angels" (Bartleby Snopes, November 2012)
"Stolen" (Hobart, Summer 2016)
"Sugar and Stones" (Bewildering Stories, October 2012)
"This is a superhero story" (Bending Genres, June 2020)
"The Trolls" (The Wild Hunt, Spring 2016)
"Unattended" (Jellyfish Review, Summer 2018)
"Visitation" (Gravel, February 2017)
"Voodoo" (A cappella Zoo, Fall 2013)
"The Wallpaper" (Blue Monday Review, May 2015)
"The Well" (Atticus Review, August 2014)
"When Ulysses Returned to Ithaca" (Grey Sparrow Journal, October 2014)