A collection of interviews and media featuring Chistopher DeWan.

A Review of Hoopty Time Machines

by Spencer Dew, decomP

Hoopty Time Machines by Christopher DeWan

Reviewed by The Triangle.

An Interview with Christopher DeWan

By Michael Noll, Read to Write Stories.

Make Readers Care About A Story's Movie-Poster Elements

Michael Noll takes a close look at Christopher DeWan’s story, “Voodoo.”

Hoopty Time Machines by Christopher DeWan

A review by The Wild Hunt.

Hope, Aspiration, and "American Dream Stuff"

An interview with Christopher DeWan. By Chuck Augello, Cease, Cows.

Hoopty Time Machines - Fairy Tales for Grown Ups by Christopher DeWan

A review by Books, Personally.

"Flash is a Special Kind of Magic"

A chat with Christopher DeWan, author of Hoopty Time Machines. By Brianne Kohl, The Review Review.

Hoopty Time Machines by Christopher DeWan

A review by Jersey Devil Press.

Of Wonder and Shadows

An interview with Christopher DeWan, author of Hoopty Time Machines. By Steph Post.

Hoopty Time Machines: fairy tales for grown ups by Christopher DeWan

Reviewed for Literary Orphans by T.L. Sherwood.

ISA "Fast Track" Earns Emerging Screenwriters Options, Agents

In only two short seasons over the last year, the International Screenwriters' Association's "Fast Track" Fellowship has inspired real-world Hollywood connections.

Jeff York reviews Hail Caesar! with guest Christopher DeWan

This enjoyable romp may not be the very best of the brothers, but it's a sweet treat for film fans and a lesson for screenwriters on how to zig while others zag.

Writer Spotlight: Christopher DeWan

Having taken a literary approach to his writing since his early days, his continued dedication to the writing craft has proven that, with hard work and determination, good things can and will happen. Chris is an example of a writer that has a calm, never say die attitude, and in this spotlight interview he shares his process, expectations, and excitement for what he loves to do.

"Generating Authentic Ideas": A Podcast with the International Screenwriters Association

This interview offers tangible techniques and useful tricks to write in a way that resonates with relevant, personal themes.

Q&A with CWA Finalist Christopher DeWan

#CreativeWorldAwards finalist Chris DeWan gives insight on his diverse career, the definition of success, and what makes screenwriting different.

Flash Fiction and Happy Accidents

LitWrap (the literary blog that evolved to create the renowned Narrative Social Club podcast) included this interview in its issue focusing on short and "flash" fiction.

What Can We Steal From Christopher DeWan's "The Atheist of Dekalb Street"?

The resource-rich writers' blog Great Writers Steal takes a close read of "The Atheist of Dekalb Street," published in wigleaf in 2013.